Health Care Facts and Figures

  • The US spent 17.4% of GDP ($2.9 trillion) on healthcare in 2013
  • Medicare spent $585.7, Medicaid $449.4 billion, and Private insurers spent $961.7 billion.
  • Faud accounts for an 10% of healthcare spending (2012 study) - or $103 billion
  • DOJ recoveries FY 2013 were $3.3 billion; $1.9 billion to Medicare  and $523 million to Medicaid (HCFAC 2014)



Selected Honors and Awards

  • Nightingale Outstanding Healthcare Litigator
  • Attorney General Award for Fraud Prevention
  • OIG Cooperative Achievement Award and Integrity Award
  • NHCAA Investigation of the Year, Hon. Mention
  • FBI Outstanding Prosecution Award
  • Departmental Recognition: DCIS, NCIS, DCAA, DOL, NASA

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