States Make Surprising Contributions to OIG Exclusion List

The Office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals and Entities plays a significant role in federal compliance enforcement efforts and is generally thought of as primarily a federal matter, but State contributions should not be overlooked.  Last year, the OIG excluded 4,017 in 2014, up almost 25% from the prior year, but a breakdown of the source of the exclusions is somewhat surprising.  The Annual report for State Medicaid Fraud control Units, released earlier this week, announced that 1/3 of all OIG Exclusions (1337 of 4017) were the result of MFCU investigations, prosecutions and convictions. Licensure revocations and patient abuse, also primarily State related issues, accounted for an additional 1,933 according to the HCFAC report issued in March. When adding up the numbers, it appears that almost 75% of all of last years exclusions were actually related to State efforts and State issues.

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